Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Manhunt : Unabomber

Ever the optimist, I had figured this would be a documentary, hopefully of the of the 'Jim & Andy'-kind. 
Turned out to be just a regular mini-series.

Pros :
- I learnt about the Unabomber who, due to my not being American, was a rather hazy concept for me.
- I kind of like Sam Worthington, for some reason, and I liked that they hadn't tried to sugarcoat his character into someone nice.

Cons :
- Where to begin? The script was clumsy, predictable, conventional and generally uninspired. 
- It was also much too slow. Eight episodes should have been edited down to five.

In short : Why did I even finish this? Do I really not have better things to do with my time??

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