Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Älgens Hus at Bjurholm, Sweden

This moose farm is situated about 60 km outside Umea, in the far north of Sweden.
Your visit starts with an educational, slightly boring, video before moving on to an equally slow but informational guided tour of the tiny museum before - finally! - climaxing with a meet and greet first of the calves and then their elders.

Pros : 
- It's not all that often you get to stand next to, let alone pet, a moose.
- The calves are adooooorable of course.
- This is an excellent way to grasp the actual and impressive size of a grown moose.
- This is not Disneyland : You learn a lot.

Cons :
- This is not Disneyland : It is also a wee bit boring (though that may possibly be put down to the fact that this was my third visit).
- The gift shop is a sorry excuse for a shop. Disney it is certainly not. And the restaurant is OK but that is about as as far as it goes.

In short : Discover the moose.


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