Monday, July 16, 2018

That 70s Show s2

Despite being in the middle of Sta Clarita Diet s2 (which I sort of struggled with, if truth be told) I was unable to detach myself from the 1970s setting and these middle-class American teenagers.

Pros :
- They are adorable! All of them!
- The time-markers of the 70s are hilarious; the TV shows (none of which I got to watch in my native Sweden, btw), the music, the hairdos, the flares, the orange plastic, the opposition between free sexuality and old-fashioned conservatism...
- The financial crisis and the conventional dad's unemployment.
- How the adults are allowed to be real - albeit embarrassing - characters, and not just moms and dads.

Cons :
- Can't think of any?

In short : Adoooorable!

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