Wednesday, July 4, 2018

A Strangeness In My Mind - Orhan Pamuk

After coming across Pamuk's auto- and Istanbul-biography in my dad's bookshelves and much to my surprise finding it brilliant, I got this for myself despite its not very engaging cover.

According to the novel itself, this is "the Adventures and Dreams of Mevlut Karatas, a Seller of Boza, and of His Friends, and Also a Portrait of Life in Istanbul Between 1969 and 2012 From Many Different Points of View”. 

Pros :
- It is just as complex as it sounds, and yet ingeniously simple.
- Istanbul is so present it is practically a character in its own right.
- Beautiful writing!

Cons :
- For no fault of Pamuk's, this is not the book to wipe out my aversion to translations. 
Sadly incapable of reading Pamuk in Turkish, I think I will go for English or French next time. 
- It's too long. Again. What is it with all these 500-page opuses I seem to be hoarding?

In short : Excellent.

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