Monday, June 18, 2018

Tintoret, Naissance d'un Génie at the Palais de Luxembourg, Paris

Contrary to the Velàzquez-exhibition a few years ago where the portraits rather compensated for the rest, at this Tintoretto-exhibition the portraits were my least favourites. 
I easily preferred the biblical scenes with their overly melodramatic settings and attitudes. The portraits I found a bit dreary, if truth be told.

No doubt due to my own bland personality, I do love me a bit of melodrama in art!

As the exhibition focuses on the first fifteen years of Tintoretto's career, visitors expecting to see his famous masterpieces are probably in for a disappointment. 
Happily ignorant about Tintoretto's art myself, I was thrilled with almost every exhibit.

In short : Brilliant! Loved it!

Cain and Abel, ca 1538


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