Saturday, June 16, 2018

Tate Britain, London

Last time I was here was with a coachful of students none of which seemed particularly appreciative of the Tate. 
Possibly that was because of the renovation it was undergoing at the time, but I'm not wholly convinced.

Pros :
- Artwork displayed in chronological order. Excellently educational.
- All British painters. Viz Tate Britain.
- William Blake! In a room of his own, even if it has the size and location of a broom closet.
- A lot of WM Turner (whom I have decided I don't really like but it seems a lot of people do).
- The venue is stunningly beautiful after all those repairs!

Cons :
- Famous masterpieces are relatively few and far between. Mostly, it's Blake, Turner and the pre-rapahelites. Plus a whole heap of people I had never heard of.

In short : Blake on display!

'The Spiritual Form of Nelson Guiding Leviathan' 
ca 1805 William Blake


  1. I think you refer to a more recent class than us, because our trip took place eight years ago, but our reaction was similar. Maybe pupils in first year of high school are too young to really appreciate the art inside. They need more experience and the sensitivity it provides.
    Now, I would be glad to come back and visit it again with my new eyes ;)


    1. No it was a while back so it may very well have been your class..! And you are probably right about youth and art, at least art in museums + youth in groups.
      I do hope you return there soon, though; if only for Blake!
      (And PS WHICH ONE ARE YOU??)