Sunday, May 27, 2018

The Good Place s1

- An original pitch! Bitchy blonde dies and surprisingly finds herself in heaven ("The Good Place") after an unfortunate mix-up with a homonymous humanitarian.
- A commendable endeavour at colorblind casting has been made! 
As a result, the show sometimes brings to mind a 1980s Benetton-ad, or - hey, wait - is it the real world I'm thinking of? 
All the girls are still pretty, though. The main characters are wasp. Room for improvement.
- The plot takes rather an unexpected turn after a couple of episodes! Excellent finale.

- Although the dialogue is strikingly caustic at times, it's not exactly side-splitting, rolling-down-the-aisles hilarious. 
It's entertaining enough, no more than that.

In short : Sure, why not?


  1. My older brother show me four episodes. The concept is quite unusual, and despite the lack of interest of many characters, I was fairly surprised in the good sense: it was more interesting than expected.

    I know you are wondering who I am. It would not have a significant interest to tell you my name. I am certain you can remember me.
    How do you think about a game for guess ? I will give you some hint in the future ;)

    But you already know:
    - my initials (CR)
    - where I have done my high school
    - when my school trip was

    I can add: you would be my teacher two years later.

    1. Though I am very flattered by your confidence in my memory, sadly I forget every name of every student by late June every year, so even though I am also certain I can remember YOU, your name is long gone, I'm afraid. (Though I will remember you if you tell me!)

      Whatever your name : How are you? What do you do when you don't read blogs?

      Re-The Good Place I can recommend s2 which, unusually, was actually better than s1!