Monday, May 21, 2018

Star Wars Episode XXVI, The Last Jedi - R. Johnson 2017

Here we go again. Apparently. (The reason why I went there again remains even more obscure than the Supreme Leader's bedroom.)

Pros :
It's Star Wars, innit?! Everything's familiar, more or less!

Cons :
It's Star Wars, AGAIN?! Let this franchise go and create something new, for X sake. Preferabley something that doesn't go on for 2 1/2 hours.

In short : Why did I put myself through this?


  1. - Well, I suppose you wanted to please someone at that time, like me.
    Have you noticed how men are useless in this one ? When the movie start, people have almost died because a man (Dameron) could not stop himself after the mission.
    Later, the same man with an other (Finn) have not trusted in their leaders to keep the Resistance safe (two women: Holdo and Leia). So they have managed a group to leave the spaceship to get an hypothetical help. Their trapping ruin Holdo's sacrifice to save everyone.

    On a dimension more technical, there is a "humorous" situation : on the three old main characters (Luke, Han and Leia), two are already dead in the movies. And the one who left, has her actress died.

    Time to end this saga ?

    - Currently I still make university studies in biology of ageing, and next year would be the last one (M2, finally !!). I was graduated in 2012, last year before the reform. I have spent one year in preparatory class (in maths, physics, chemistry...) where I have made an interesting observation about myself : I am totally unable in abstract concept.
    So I have redirected my studies in the last scientific subject it remains to me. At the beginning I doubted about my own capabilities. And why, now I think it was a wonderful decision.

    After all, you told me at the first lesson of my last year at Pagnol that I have a good memory ;)

    1. Glad to see you are doing something you enjoy and are not opposed to changing plans as you go. And clearly I was right, you do have a good memory! (Weird thing, I remember the situation - you said something about the school trip, didn't you? - and so vaguely you, but definitely not your name (I can't even remember my own phone number). We only got the student photos on pdf from Sept 2012 but before that I haven't kept anything so regrettably, there is no checking.)

      Interesting take on Star Wars, I hadn't thought about that.
      The time to end this saga was in 1983, to my mind; everything after that has been pure business.