Friday, May 11, 2018

She's All That - R. Iscove 1999

Fourteen-year-old + myself + Netflix. Sometimes this is what happens.

Pros :
- It does have a certain charm. I have never really understood why Freddie Prinze Jr hasn't turned into some classy sort of Ewan McGregor-star? Dashingly handsome.
- Oh the 1990s! Pagers, MTV Real World, breakdancing, Usher, razor-thin eyebrows, spaghetti straps...
- The epitome of the American high-school movie : It ticks off every box you can possibly imagine, and with such gusto that it's almost a caricature.

Cons :
- Watching a remake of Pygmalion/My Fair Lady and wish for innovation or even politically correctness is unreasonable, so I won't go into the action. 
Suffice to say there is ample food for thought on gender roles and the evolution of society here. 

In short : Kinda cute. 


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