Saturday, May 5, 2018

De Fördrivna - Negar Naseh

As an expat, it's easy to lose touch with your once-home country. Lucky for me, therefore, one of my Swedish friends has taken it upon her to keep me up to date on Swedish literature. 
At least, most of the time, I consider myself lucky for it. Some of the stuff she gives me I would most definitely never have got for myself.
Still, you have to read presents, don't you? It's sort of a moral obligation.

- Although I know many new parents who simply adore that baby-bubble you are in during those first confusing months, I know I was a lot happier when life eventually took on a more structured form. The perpetual sleep deprivation and worrying about everything had me in a state which I rarely see depicted in books. Good point, then, for Naseh's portrayal of these two unhappy, bitter, distracted young parents who don't really know what hit them when the baby came.
- The parallel between their restricted baby-universe and the migrant crisis adds intensity.
- Naseh's prose is OK. It may not quite match her ambitions, but it's OK.

- The situation becomes so negative after a while I felt like shooting myself in the head. All those black flies, the drinking, the smoking, the heat, their snapping at each other, arguing over baby care and household chores... Half would have been enough.

In short : If you regret the lack of recent Ingmar Bergman-films, then this is for you.

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