Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Americanah - C. N. Adichie

When I first read about this book it intrigued me so little I actually turned down the offer of my booklending friend. 
A coming-of-age / love story with racial undertones? Been there, done that, thank you very much.
Then I read some more about it, about prizes and stuff, and figured only fools never change their minds (French proverb). Mercifully, my friend's offer was still on.

- Classy prose! Simple and unassuming, yet elegant.
- The author clearly knows her stuff. Her childhood in Nigeria, her teens in the US; both are depicted colourfully.
- Viewpoints of Africans in America are few and far between, as compared to those of African Americans. (Possibly that observation is due to my passion for American literature. Still!) 
- Five hundred pages are too many. Just like anything over two hours is too long for a film. It just doesn't favor the story in any way, notwithstanding the quality of the work.
- The love story-aspect that put me off in the first place indeed proved a major setback. True 'meant-for-each-other' love is not something I go for any longer. Plus, it felt redundant here.

In short : An OK read.


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