Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Frankenstein Chronicles

One of my teens and myself came across this six-episode series on one of the rare occasions we came to share the same couch and remote control. In case I wasn't clear enough; she actually migrated out of her room and into our common living room on a Saturday night!
Then, she fell asleep before the end of episode one which probably explains why didn't go through with the rest. I did, though!

- A bit of a Brit version of 'The Alienist'! Vanished children, a couple of outsider detectives, a twisted plot with literary parallels.
- Victorian London! Prettier than ever! Clearly a large part of the budget has gone into the decoration.
- William Blake, Boz, Mary Shelley! I repeat : William Blake!!

- The plot was a bit slow, perhaps. Or my teenager was just exceptionally sleepy that particular Saturday night.

In short : Very watchable!

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