Friday, April 27, 2018

The Alienist

Though I have read the book, as usual I remembered absolutely zero about the plot - a serial-killer, lots of blood, a 19th century profiler... - except that I rather enjoyed it. 
Not as much as my history crime-buff husband did, but still.

- Stylish settings,though definitely less stylish than in 'The Frankenstein Chronicles'
You can tell 'the Alienist' budget was not of the Netflix kind. This frequently resembled 1990s music videos.
- Fun for the whole family, as it turned out! Adults and teens enjoyed every episode together! You have no idea how rare that is unless perhaps you have teenage kids yourself. 
(I choose to ignore the fact that I have submitted my offspring to ten hours of mutilated boy transvestites.)
- What is lacking in stage setting is compensated for by the storyline : Author Caleb Carr is one of the many producers. Cary Fukunaga is another.
- Yet another serial killer... zzz... This one leaves young girls alone but goes for cross-dressing boys instead. Only inches better. Plus, he dismembers. Gross and complacently provocative.

In short : The simple fact that we enjoyed it as a family is remarkable enough.

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