Thursday, April 5, 2018

Att Vara Kvinna - Maria Lang

Faithful to the Norwegian tradition of påskekrim (reading a detective novel during Easter) (yes Scandinavian traditions can be quite quirky!) I settled in next to my cat and dug into my Easter chocolates with this old vintage gem on my lap.

- 1960s fictive police investigations are particularly charming, and even more so in the hands of Maria Lang, forerunner to Sweden's modern and by comparison rather bleak crimewriters.  
- Women are delicate and graceful, men are dashing and clever and everyone is dapper and polite. Oh the good old times!
- Despite multiple re-reads I still couldn't remember who the killer was. 
That may say more about me than about the book, but there it is.
- Classic, standard, archetype, conventional whodunit.

NO :
- What's not to like, honestly??

In short : A treat!

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