Saturday, March 24, 2018

Shaka Ponk at Bercy, Paris

Compared to last time at much smaller venue the Zénith, this was a wholly different affair.
Not better nor worse, but different.

Instead of the head-on, seemingly spontaneous 2014 show, last night was set at 20.000-seat Bercy with visual ambitions to match the size of the audience. 
The band is still as tight as ever, the two forefigures extremely charismatic and intense. 
Plus, this time, the show was visually impressive with a light show and background imagery which in effect pretty much took over at times (for instance during an extended solo-battle including Kurt Cobain, Prince and Lemmy).

Upside : Superbly striking and very adapted to the venue (though clearly disserved by the icky sound at Bercy...). Plus, indeed, something very dissimilar from last time.

Downside : The spontaneity obviously suffered from the well-directed, larger-than-life approach, despite Frah's charming taste for public interaction.

Also, a full 2 1/2 hour long concert is becoming a rarity today, now that Prince is dead and gone...

If you still aren't familiar with Shaka Ponk's powerful electro-rock, it's high time!

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