Friday, March 2, 2018

British Museum, London

From Egypt, Napoleon Buonaparte famously brought back the obelisk currently situated at the Place de la Concorde in Paris. He was ousted by the British who were equally interested in conquering Egypt. (Obviously, there were also a certain number of Egyptians in the country at the time, but then none of the Europeans ever considered them as viable competitors for any of the national treasures, so...)

Although Napoleon certainly didn't settle for just the obelisk - he also did his share in looting for the Louvre - as you can see for yourself at the British Museum, the English were largely superior at recognizing historical valuables and definitely carried away the most beautiful pieces. (I have visited Cairo so I maintain that superlative.) 
These are now on display in London, along with the Rosetta stone (and some other stuff), and I can dearly recommend a visit. 
Brought along two kids in variable size (13 and 20) and we all enjoyed it.

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