Monday, February 12, 2018

TED Talks Radio Hour

The meaning of the TED acronym - Technology, Entertainment, Design - encompasses pretty much everything between heaven and earth, and sure enough, the TED talks can be about anything between heaven and earth, including abstractions.

I haven't watched any of the videos, as I confess I lack time and patience for videos. I reckon I'm probably too old (I'm not into Youtubers) or too young (When I retire, then..!) so I can't compare the TED videos to these edited radio-versions. 

The podcasts are well-designed and  all, but have a distinctly American ring to them. Reasonings, habits and opinions are in no way all universal. For instance, a school headmaster assuring her students every day that she loves them and always will may be a winning concept in Chicago (I believe it was) yet I am extremely doubtful as to whether anyone would appreciate it in France. 

Other subjects feel so obvious I almost feel taken for a fool.
Not convinced, therefore.

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