Saturday, February 24, 2018

Oscar Levertins Vänner - Martina Montelius

Seeing how much I enjoyed Montelius's previous novel 'Främlingsleguanen' my expectations were, contrary to all common sense, unreasonably high.

Fortunately, Montelius delivers! Boldly, she creates something of a caricatured version of herself as the main character going on a cruise aimed at "intoxication, erotica and cultural improvement" before foundering (the lady; not the ship). 

Very much like in 'Främlingsleguanen' the style is Nabokov-ishly elaborate and playful in a manner which clashes intensely with the tragedy of the plot. Both are tough to pull off, but as I said, Montelius delivers. 

This short little book made me laugh at times and had my bowels turn at other times.
And though it may not seem like it, both of these, are in point of fact, good things!

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