Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Etre Moderne : le Moma à Paris, at Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris 16th arrdt

The New York Museum of Modern Art is undergoing extensive renovation which is excellent news for Europeans as the artworks are meanwhile being sent on a European holiday. 
As a consequence, it is currently possible to marvel at a whole heap of modern art masterpieces without disbursing any major financial contribution to Trump America (you may laugh but the US presidency has definitely had me rethink my holiday destination). 

Frida Kahlo, Edward Hopper, Paul Cézanne, Diane Arbus, Andy Warhol and more are exhibited in a pared-down environment, titles and names of the artists displayed at some distance from the artwork. I was doubtful at first but it turned out to allow for a lot more focus on the work itself.

As I'm not so hot for contemporary art, I clearly preferred the first rooms. 
Considering the impressive number of artworks exhibited, it was actually no bad thing to simply breeze through some of the galleries.  

As for the very recent building itself, it was very particular of course. Not wholly unattractive, surrounded by water, air and forest, but like the Eiffel Tower you do best to admire it from a distance. 

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