Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The People vs OJ Simpson

For someone who so doggedly refused any renewed interest in the Simpson case, I have certainly backpedaled quite a lot.

This mini-series is well-made, just like the documentary, yet I didn't like this at all as well.

For one, ten one-hour episodes was way too much. Kill your darlings, make it shorter.

Moreover, the inescapable subjectivity becomes more palpable in a transposed version, fictionalizing dialogue as a matter of course. I felt this was a lot less temperate in its opinions, creating sets of conspicuously good and conspicuously bad guys.

In its favour, however, I'll say that for the reasons stated above, this version better highlights the two key issues of the Simpson case : 

- The perversion of the US legal system, enabling money to buy you the sharpest lawyers available to doctor your case.

- The abysmal gap still separating blacks from whites in the US, both in their understanding and their treatment of each other.

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