Monday, August 7, 2017

Tva Nötcreme och en Moviebox - Hammar & Wikingsson

When this was published in 2003, authors Hammar and Wikingsson were two buddies and budding media stars in Sweden. Today, they are two of the greatest and coolest Swedish hipsters, having just finished shooting their first feature film after a decade of hugely successful TV shows and documentaries.

This is an essay book, dealing with their teenage years in 1980s smalltown Sweden. It was interesting to me probably in the same way Des Barres's 'I'm With The Band' is entertaining to whoever grew up with Led Zep and the Stones. Recognition and identification are key.

Fortunately, Hammar & Wikingsson excel in their own idiomatic style, which is by far more articulate and witty than Des Barres's. 

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