Monday, August 21, 2017

Harry Potter Studio Tour in Watford (London)

I am in dire need of an adjective expressing the notion contained in my own word 'Disney-esque'. I would have used it for Shakespeare's Birthplace the other day, and now again for this studio-turned-amusement park. That's twice in a week!

If you like Disney, then this 'Disney-esque' aspect should not be a problem; I personally have issues with the artificial side to it, but then I also realize that in film-making, artifice more or less comes with the territory, so...
This exhibit of film artifice is amazingly well-made and a feast for the eyes. 
It's also Disney-esque-ly well-organized, which is fortunate since it's very, very crowded. 

(And another thing : Obviously, people can do what they want; live and let die, all that; I'm all for. But What In The Name of Heaven do people actually do with all the gazillions of photos they seem to be taking at places like this?? Everyone is snapping away like there is no tomorrow!?)

I personally spent a large part of our three-and-a-half hours at the Studio Tour mentally urging people to just "go home and read the books, instead!" 
And if that seems somewhat contradictory to my previous rants on free will, then so be it.

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