Monday, July 3, 2017

The Crown season 1

This series was well in the line of the royal Windsor-family; keeping a stiff upper lip, all in understatement (litote, I mean!) and restraint.

Although it is of course hard to tell facts from fiction, it has a truthful ring to it and doesn't feel overly sugarcoated. 
For instance, the children are conspicuously absent except when playing with their dad in the background. Somehow, it all manages to feel both genuine and dramatized in some authentic yet off-biopicky way.

The light, setting and costumes are gorgeous, and finally, it is very pleasant to watch a series that actually draws on the fact that it is a series and not a two-hour motion picture, i.e. taking its time, steering clear of conventions and daring to be discreet in the Windsor way.

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