Friday, July 7, 2017

Going Clear - A. Gibney 2015

Though I had heard good reviews of this documentary, I had also viewed enough other documentaries on Netflix - of that very American, overly-dramatic, Nat Geo Wild-kind - to be a bit skeptical as well. Unwarranted skepticism, as this turned out insightful, knowledgeable and finely tuned.

It dealt in detail with :
- Founder L Ron Hubbard, his insanity and his batty theories. (Watch 'The Master'!)
- Successor David Miscavige, his paranoia and violent methods.
- Big bucks.
- Travolta and Tom Cruise.

For obvious reasons, it's tough to have any sort of opinion on the veracity of their findings, but the whole documentary draws essentially on interventions of ex-scientologists from Miscavige's inner circle. It also fits with things I have read about the sect (France classifies it as such) from other high-ranking scientologists.

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