Thursday, May 18, 2017

Matmatah at La Cigale, Paris 18th arrdt

A rough estimate would be that around 98% of the audience at La Cigale last night were over-excited, homesick Bretons, craving for Matmatah's older hits of a folkish, rock breton kind of arena music.
The remaining 2% were me, not a Breton bone in my body, and very largely preferring their latest album.

The group finally achieved something like general satisfaction, playing old and new songs alike, and yet I suspect the Bretons left the venue just as slightly disgruntled as I was.

However, one major advantage to bands with a long career behind them is that not only do they play their instruments well, but they play well together, perfectly in sync with one another. Though I can't say I've ever suffered from a lack of synchronicity in a band, I still feel I detect and delight in this musical consensus. Very satisfactory!

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