Saturday, May 20, 2017

Legion s1

Even the most careless readers among you out there are probably aware by now of my distaste for superheroes. Possibly also of the eerie frequency with which I still find myself watching them.

Here, the superheroes have been enriched with filmic ambitions, snazzy 1960s fashion, Downton's Dan Stevens looking like one of the Gallaghers, a fair share of talent (his name is Noah Hawley, he created 'Fargo' and I've read a book of his!) and profuse cultural references in the Pink Floyd/Tommy/Clockwork Orange-genre. 

Psychedelia has grown rare on modern day TV - suffice to say, there is a reason - so over-using it like this is a very bold move. And though I have despite my spouse's insistent attempts at indoctrination always been impervious to Pink Floyd, I do love me a bold move!
Also bold : Furthering your narrative in this slow, meandering fashion, actually assuming your audience is capable of thinking for themselves, and do not need to be shown or told everything.

As for likenesses to the cinema or comic versions of the X-men, I really wouldn't know, but the narration is fundamentally different here.

So whereas I would never have believed the combo psychedelia + superheroes could be anything but a nightmare, it turns out to be quite a winning concept!

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