Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Grace and Frankie seasons 2 and 3

Two out of three from season one are still valid. 

- The Fonda - Tomlin chemistry from 1980 comedy '9 to 5' is still working so they seem to be having a blast together. Which is generally a blast to watch. 

- Marta Kauffman from 'Friends' is still Marta Kauffman from 'Friends' so the generality of the sitcom is the same. 

HOWEVER. The number of times you want to watch this odd couple fight and make up is limited. I felt my limit was reached some time towards the end of the second season. I still plowed through the third but I am definitely done now. (Though a change of mind at the premiere of season 4 is perhaps not entirely out of the question. We'll see.)

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