Friday, May 5, 2017

Grace and Frankie, s 1

Agreeable surprises are getting much too rare, these days. This was one! Entertaining, not too brainless TV-series in the perfect half-hour format are not that easy to come by.

I have recently gone over all first five seasons of 'Friends' and found them excellent - up to the time when Ross says Rachel's name at the altar, and for some reason they all grow insufferably irritating from there (especially Whiny Ross and Bitchy Phoebe). So much greater my pleasure at discovering 'Grace and Frankie'!

This show has a lot going for it :
- Old people in all four leading roles!
- Three-dimensional, real-people female characters!
- Bechdel-test passed with honours!
- Gay lovers! In their seventies!
- Fonda, Tomlin, Martin Sheen & Sam Waterston!
not to mention :
- Always witty, occasionally side-splitting dialogue!

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