Monday, May 15, 2017

God Help The Child - Toni Morrison

As the adjective 'compelling' has become part of the stock-and-trade in book blurbs, it now has a rather watered-down ring to it. When it comes to Toni Morrison's work, however, it remains 100% accurate. 

'God Help The Child' is about child abuse and love. Though it is set in modern-day California (as opposed to a historical, Southern background), I still view Morrison as a direct descendant of my personal housegod William Faulkner

They share so much, not just the Southern scene and writing style, but also the preoccupation with race (or skin color, as we like to call it here in Europe), memory and the influence of the past on the present; not to mention the elaboration of their narratives. 
True to her habits, Morrison blends several voices, points of view and time spans, all of which ought to make for troublesome reading yet somehow only serves to heighten the experience.

In short, I loved this (in case it hadn't showed already). 
I also realize it is the second time in only a few weeks I mention Faulkner. Perhaps time has come for me to reread 'The Sound and the Fury'?

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