Sunday, May 7, 2017

A Manual For Cleaning Women - Lucia Berlin

As a general rule, I'm not too fond of short stories, very much for the same reason I am rather unmoved by poetry; it feels like a waste of my time to keep adapting to different narrators, settings and points of view. Plus, I need some time after I finish one, to ponder it, and I don't always have the patience necessary for all that pondering.

With Berlin's short stories, most of the above issues were eluded, since the narrator and point of view remain the same (the author) at different times of her life. 
This, therefore, felt more like a literary autobiography than a classic collection of short stories. 

That was OK, though, particularly as her writing style was elegant, poised, natural and yet hyper-polished in the manner of a Raymond Carver. A pleasure to read.

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