Monday, April 17, 2017

Vermeer et les Maîtres de la Peinture de Genre, at the Louvre

Todorov, in his brilliant little book on genre painting, defines a 'Golden Age' by saying that during a limited period in time even fairly mediocre artists produced masterpieces. 

Many of those masterpieces are present at the Louvre exhibition, and they truly are masterpieces, from several points of view. 
And yet, none of them (a handful excepted, one of which is The Slippers) compares to Vermeer's work. 

Twelve Vermeer paintings in the same museum at the same time is definitely worth all the queuing and scuffle we put up with to see them! Excellent exhibition!

(Though I still think the Louvre could have made an effort to stay open more nights in order to allow for more visitors, which would have enabled a smaller number of visitors in the same timeslot.) 
(And don't even get me started on the signs; white on violet, practically down on the floor...)

Samuel van Hoogstraten, View of an Interior (The Slippers), 1658?

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