Thursday, April 13, 2017

Musée Bourdelle, Paris 15th arrdt

That I was not familiar with Antoine Bourdelle despite his status as major 20th century sculptor can easily be put down to my general ignorance and lack of interest in sculpture.
That I did not know of the museum either is almost harder to explain. 

After three decades in Paris, I figured even though I hadn't visited all of the museums I had at least heard of them. Not so, apparently!

Despite Bourdelle's renown, I wasn't all that impressed with his art, I'm afraid.

The museum, on the other hand, was excellent! His studio has been kept and can be visited, the building itself was a quaint little place and the gardens were small but very enjoyable! 
A tiny haven of art and quiet in the shadow of the Tour Montparnasse.

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