Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Spirit - Depeche Mode

One of my more memorable concert memories is that of Depeche Mode at the Globe Arena in Stockholm, in 1990. It was made striking largely because I had no idea beforehand what a brilliant stage artist Gahan was (though in all fairness, I have seen him much less inspired after that, as well).

Clearly, they have come very far from their Violator days, although that is more due to the distance in time (over 25 years!) than to their having truly moved on musically. 
But then, not everybody is David Bowie or Prince. Most are not.

At any rate, I found this quite listenable! Not that they precisely spark with joy and inspiration - when have they? - but the expertise of aging rock musicians who know each other well is always something of a treat.

I might even have considered buying concert tickets for this summer, if they had played anywhere else but at the Stade de France. That place is just Too Darn Big for music, in my humble opinion.

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