Friday, March 31, 2017

Soumission - Michel Houellebecq

My reading this just now was pure coincidence and yet serendipity incarnate, as the French 2017 election is referred to as "the starting point" of the plot. 

The present uncertainty as to the election's final results definitely heightened my experience of this account, where politics and religion are the major themes : In a near future, a Muslim party wins the election and sets up government in Paris, after a period of escalating right-wing extremism.

In his inimitably cynical way, Houellebecq manages the feat of telling his story without any apparent judgment whatsoever. Where his writing style, sharper than a scalpel, tends to make my spine shiver whenever he writes about feelings - let alone women - it appears to have been born for this kind of work. For the first time, I felt that his storyline actually matches his style.

Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!

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