Sunday, March 5, 2017

59th Grammy Awards Ceremony

What I might remember from the ceremony :

- Beyonce, obviously. I admire just about everything about her except, sadly, her music.
Still! Her number was visually impressive and daring, as usual. This is not what hit music usually sounds like. 
Her leaving empty-handed was nothing short of a scandal.

- Corden's pathethic aping of DeGeneres's iconic Oscar-selfie. (Everyone wants to trend on social media, I guess, but...)

- Bruno Mars! Masterly demonstrating that he masters both imitation, of Prince in 'Let's Go Crazy', and personalized inspiration, playing 'That's What I Like' sounding even more like Morris Day and the Time than usual. (Almost more than Morris Day himself did, though he had aged gracefully.)

- Adele's lovable personality.

- Gary Clark Jr and William Bell! Wicked!

- How thankful I am that the American passion for country music has so far not spread to Europe.

- James Hetfield's microphone problems; that sort of thing should not occur on this level of professionalism. 
(Could be the sound technician was just about as un-/skilled as the scriptwriter.)

- Chance the Rapper's excellent gospel number and how he thanked his mother, his father and his lord saviour for his awards.

In all, not a great year.

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