Monday, February 20, 2017

Bridge of Spies - S. Spielberg 2015

Tom Hanks stars as the upright American lawyer, Atticus Finch-style, in this courtroom drama turned exchange of spies, the plot moving from cold war New York to Berlin, ending in Potsdam, at the Glienicke bridge of the title.

Spielberg is Spielberg and is surely excellent in his game yet so very much not my trip.
In point of fact, I find it very hard to bear with his immutable patriotism and shameless tear-jerking.

No matter how "based on real facts" this story may be, stereotypes abound and the picture of the narrative is painted in brushstrokes coarse enough for any extremist populist to grasp, even when munching popcorn at the same time. (And yet! Penned by the Coens! Not that I am particularly fond of them either, but nobody could accuse them of coarse plotwriting.)

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