Saturday, January 21, 2017

Westworld, season 1

Before Jurassic Park, writer Michael Crichton had already looked into outlandish theme parks in the 1973 film this series is based on. 

The Westworld park is not inhabited by ferocious dinosaurs but by real-life robots, continually victimized by the paying customers, epitomizing terrifying aspects of human nature. ("The prison of our sins" as quoted from the show.) 
Other themes include escapism, subjection, humanity and the evolution of technology, doubled by well-pondered parallels to video-gaming.

Ed Harris and Anthony Hopkins have probably never been anything but brilliant. 
Thandie Newton and Evan Rachel Wood stands out among the less famous cast.

In all, this is ten hours of excellent TV, albeit at times excruciatingly slow. 
And from those ten hours I have exempted the final half-hour, since I found the finale a bit of a letdown. 

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