Sunday, December 18, 2016

Scruples - Judith Krantz

After a period of rather gloomy reads (seriously considering dropping 'Crime and Punishment' though I'm only halfway through) I decided it was time for something more frivolous.

And Judith Krantz's debut novel is pretty much as frivolous it gets! 

Like everyone else in my generation, I devoured this in the 80s, the advantage being that my young age did in no way prevent me from grasping the finer aspects of Krantz's writing, because, well, there aren't really any. 
But then, not all books need to be highbrow literature.

Krantz does not give herself out to be something she isn't; this is entertainment and nothing else. As such, it has - surprisingly! - aged gracefully. 
It is less sentimental than her subsequent bestsellers, 'Princess Daisy' and 'Mistral's Daughter'
It is also very educational in its own field, since she had the intelligence to do what many beginners do; write about what they know. Krantz was a fashion journalist and generously shared everyting she knew about the industry (possibly embellishing some of it as she went; writer's prerogative).

Though teenager anymore, I still enjoyed this a great deal! 
And though it is no Nobel Prize material, nor is it any sillier than a Patricia Cornwell or a Dan Brown.

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