Saturday, December 3, 2016

Oscar Wilde Exhibition at Petit Palais, Paris

What I sort of expected, or at least hoped for :
- The inside story on Wilde's juicy private life, at least the (major) parts of it that were made public.
- Skilled analyses of his works, scarce though they may be.
- Explicit parallels between aforementioned private life and aforementioned works.
- A plethora of witty aphorisms, not just the most famous ones.

What I got :
- Signs written in white minuscule text on red or green background, in spooky half-light.
- Lighting that actually made it harder to read those signs, throwing shadows on them as we bent over, or creating annoying reflexes.
- Giant paintings in itty-bitty little rooms.
- Exhibits and signs without numbers or references, making it hard to see which sign commented on which exhibit.
 - And as for the content in itself; none of what I had hoped for. A rather superficial vision of Wilde's life and works, illustrated by various artworks.

Quite a disappointment, in short.

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