Friday, December 30, 2016

More Fool Me - Stephen Fry

Writing books is one thing, certainly toilsome enough. 
Editing them - the famous 'killing your darlings' - is another. Almost as crucial as the writing, if this Fry mémoir is anything to go by.

Stephen Fry has a looong career of comedy, writing, speech-writing (for Labour!), TV-hosting and lobbying (gay cause) behind him. He is hilarious, most of the time, and he is also a fair enough comedian.
He knows half of London (the glitterati half) and is as lavish with namedropping anecdotes as he is with self-deprecation. He speaks openly and candidly of his former cocaine addiction.

In short, this book has absolutely everything it takes to make a side-splitting page-turner - except the editing.
As it is, there are gems in there, but they are buried in a jungle of words, rather than standing out as precious flowers.

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