Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Night Of

After a night of drug-induced sex with a stranger, a confused young man wakes up in her house, to find her mutilated corpse in the bedroom. 
Whether he did it or not is of course at the core of the following seven episodes, though the main topic of this mini-series is more in the line of scathing criticism of our criminal justice system, and what it does to people.

Overall, the series bears an uncanny resemblance to the first season of the podcast 'Serial', at least in the essentials; the doe-eyed young Muslim accused of the murder of his girlfriend (why, oh why, are young girls such perpetual murder victims?..) which he may or may not have committed. 
Plus, that ambivalence; the uncertainty as to his guilt or innocence.
That realistic feel; the accuracy in particulars and settings makes 'The Night Of' seem almost as documentary as 'Serial'.
And the nail-consuming tension!

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