Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Skrock och Skrömt - Beatrice Norberg

I even enjoyed the booklet on ghosts and folklore in London, so that I would equally like this opus - dealing with the same sort of stuff around my hometown - was, so to speak, a no-brainer.

And yet, Norberg's book, though more consistent than the London thing, was far less likable! Few and poor illustrations, large chunks of text consisting mostly of listings of testimonies and legends, and what I perceived as a lack of enthusiasm for the subject, though it may well have been just a lack of taste in storytelling.

Fortunately, the subject titillates me! 

I have a very scientific approach to supernatural events (well, at least I myself feel highly scientific about it!) : As neither their existence nor their nonexistence have been proven, I cannot but confess myself open to their actuality. Same with god, same with aliens. 
Spices up my life, it does, this take on things!

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