Sunday, November 13, 2016

Hard Times - Charles Dickens

I have long considered Dickens's writings as somewhat akin to Steven Spielberg's kind of art.
They both seem quite at ease with their appeal to the mainstream audience; no flirting with the highbrows here (well, mostly no flirting..!).
They share modest yet undeniable educational ambitions and something of a political conscience.
They are both of them more into action than finely tuned psychological portraits; their characters are frequently shallow yet endearing.

Sadly, all of the above result in my dislike of them both.

On 'Hard Times' as such : 
Dickens's violent anti-utilitarian, anti-industrialist views render this frankly unpalatable.
Besides, the endearing characters I boasted in the previous paragraph are here merely shallow, followed from afar, not even remotely likable.
The plot - another of Dickens's usual fortes - is slow, uneventful and predictable.

In short, the title pretty much sums up my reading experience.


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