Sunday, October 30, 2016

Nyponbuskar... - Jan Gradvall

Once you are done listening to Gradvall's podcast and reading at least some of his previous books, you will most certainly want more of him.

It so happens that this is Sweden's probably most clear-sighted, outspoken and articulate music journalist, and consequently this collection of texts - interviews, editorials, opinion pieces, articles... - is 600 pages pure pleasure.

What stands out with Gradvall is his open-mindedness : Contrary to many of his colleagues, he appreciates quality, notwithstanding the genre. He does not automatically take to Neil Young or Van Morrison, nor necessarily frown upon the Swedish House Mafia.

He is also a feminist, pointedly taking interest in female talents, be they musicians, journalists or others.

Plus, he is the only culture journalist I have ever read to link the subway ticket prices to cultural integration; or to glorify the humdrum existence of a taxpaying parent as opposed to sex, drugs and rock'n'roll.


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