Monday, October 24, 2016

Liv Till Varje Pris - Kristina Sandberg

That I actually sat down to read part three in a trilogy after only moderately appreciating part one says loads about the booming second-hand book market in Sweden. 

Luckily for me, as it turned out! I found this last part infinitely superior to the first novel; not sure why. I guess either my previous judgment was heavily influenced by my private life at the time - I distinctly remember the situation and time of year - or Sandberg just stepped up her heroine in part two?

The main character has by now grown up to be a housewife in 1960s smalltown Sweden. Despite appearances, this has a lot in common with Elena Ferrante's hyped up yet disappointing 'Brilliant Friend' in that it highlights ordinary lives of ordinary women, so very much less frequently described than those of their male counterparts (probably because the women had kids to tend to...). 
However, contrary to Ferrante's, Sandberg's writing is as ambitious as accomplished, adroitly skipping between different narrators and points of view.

Brilliant, indeed!

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