Saturday, October 22, 2016

Agnes Grey - Anne Brontë

Quite evidently, Agnes is a close cousin (or sister?) to Charlotte's immortal Jane Eyre; their conditions and personalities are so similar I can't help assuming this was the typical Brontë mindset (their brother Branwell was apparently the exception to this rule). 
Agnes's subdued love interest, however, is exceedingly different from fierce Mr Rochester; Mr Weston probably has more in common with StJohn Rivers, whom Jane so firmly turns down.

Likewise, the same motifs underlie both books; modesty and religion, but also diehard independence and feminism, all presented in their idiosyncratic tongue-in-cheek sense of humour. 

Where 'Jane Eyre' keeps the reader constantly on her toes, 'Agnes Grey', however, lacks a bit in adventure and conflict... It becomes very clear why Anne is not one of the prominent Brontës.

This was my first recording! Books from the public domain, read by volunteers = Free audiobooks! Brilliant idea, though in the future, I will be more careful with what I download. Whereas the collaborative reading of 'Agnes Grey' did expose me to a range of accents (Indian, Australian, American, British! All in one book!) it also somewhat took focus off the book itself.


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