Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Hollow Crown, s. 2

Though I'm a fairly regular Shakespeare-reader, the history plays are a huge and shameful blank in my bibliography.

In its infinite kindness and wisdom, the BBC has compressed four of these battle-filled plays (All three 'Henry VI's and 'Richard III') into a series bearing the usual BBC hallmark of quality TV.

After missing out on season 1, I took great pleasure in these three two-hour long episodes of season 2, recounting the Wars of the Roses.

I now consider myself slightly less ignorant and - who knows?! - perhaps soon ready for one of the Henry-plays in its original text version.

That Benedict Cumberbatch's Richard III is epic (if slightly over-played) surprised me less than pretty boy Sturridge's skills as Henry VI. (Despicable prejudice on my part, I confess.)

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