Monday, September 26, 2016

Beat Generation at Centre Pompidou, Paris 4ème arrdt

Exhibiting authors is obviously a tricky task, and that trickiness is at least partly the problem with this exhibition.

True, there is the script scroll to Kerouac's 'On the Road' + a number of poems; yet the lion's share of the exhibits is what felt like three billion photos, all presented in what felt like a complete jumble.

The high point was definitely the videotaped interviews with Allen Ginsberg. 
Though I have never been much for poetry - and definitely not the deconstructed Ginsberg kind - the man himself was absolutely fascinating. Unlike most rockstars and other 1960s survivors, who have all but drugged away their brains, Ginsberg's capacities seemed only to have been sharpened by whatever he took. Commenting photos and his life, he remembered every tiny little detail, every name, every person, every poem. Fascinating!


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