Monday, August 1, 2016

Stil podcast

Susanne Ljung is a fantastically insightful and discerning journalist, and so I suspect whichever subject she explored would be made interesting. 

Sadly - for me who very much preferred her as a rock critic in the 1990s - she specializes in fashion; in a large sense, fortunately. Subjects treated include Prince, Instagram, the Black Panthers, dogs, Rolex and the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

As it happens, fashion even in a large sense is none of my pet peeves. 

Still, in combination with the subdued voices and absence of music this podcast is perfect when I lie sleepless at night. I have yet to finish a whole one-hour episode before falling asleep. Beats tossing and turning anytime.


  1. Her subject is style, a conglomerate concerning the form of manmade things, mostly of things without greater value, like fancy shoes, bags and hats. And in dealing with these nonsensical structures any person who the general public recognized had any wits would deal with this either with philosophical depth or with humour. But Ljung does not.

  2. I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on 'Stil'.