Saturday, July 30, 2016

La Géopolitique des Séries - Dominique Moïsi

Well, yes : 
Interesting ideas. In a nutshell, Moïsi claims the post-9/11 "golden age of TV" reflects an end to hopefulness, and the dawn of a reign of fear and anxiety.

To prove his point, he examines a couple of major TV series and concludes, basically that : 
- 'Game of Thrones' mirrors our fascination and awe for chaos,
- 'Downton Abbey' shows our nostalgia for a more orderly and secure past, 
- 'Homeland' represents America's reactions to terrorism, whereas
- 'House of Cards' sees cynicism triumph over the American Dream.

(Admittedly, none of these theories are exactly groundbreaking.)

However : 
This reads precisely like a French University work : 
- Too long by ca 30%, 
- Could definitely have done with a bit more thinking-through
   (Publish or perish, I know. But it does the writing no good.)
- And that flowery, semi-literary, wannabe-poetic style that drives me absolutely up the wall.

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